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No New Posts Rules and Regulations

Any plane needs rules. By following them, the forces that keep Aeon away from the corruption and discord of the world will thrive.

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No New Posts Announcements

Here is where you can always find any sort of announcement for Aeon. All announcements that are cross-boards are found here.

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No New Posts Extras

From comments & suggestions to our talented line of artists' studios, most of everything can be found here. With loads of games, chit-chats, and pretty pictures to see, this is one of the funnest corners out Aeon.

Sub-boards: Rant Room, Graphics and Studios, Comments and Suggestions

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No New Posts Roll Call

If you are going away for an extended period, no matter the length, let us know here! Everyone knows the activity rule - so this board will be your lifeline.

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No New Posts Archives

After threads are finished or fall inactive, they are relocated here for sorting and reference.

Sub-boards: Finalized Purchases, OC Archives, IC Archives

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No New Posts Board Room

Every site needs a corner for the staff to escape to and discuss our secrets: this is it!

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No New Posts Creation

Create characters here with complete freedoms. Remember to fill everything out correctly so a lovely Aeonian staff can accept you!

Sub-boards: Accepted Applications, Dead Applications, Adoption Center

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No New Posts Clan Updates

Clans grow and sometimes wither - clan chiefs can post all updates here.

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No New Posts Plotting

Sometimes you need to spice some things up in your character's mundane life! Here, you can do just that.

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No New Posts Biographies

Is the applications just to short for you to tell everything about your character? Well, here you can get as in depth as you wish. Post references, in depth information, and even relationships. This board is for your creative freedoms to construct your characters further!

Sub-board: Character Gossip

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Ad & Aff

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No New Posts Ad/Aff Info Center

Inside you can find everything about advertising with Aeon or for Aeon. Step right on up and check it out!

Rules are also posted under each section. A list of affiliate buttons is posted under the affiliate board as well for easy access.



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No New Posts First Time Visiting

If you are posting first on Aeon, then your advertisement must go here so that we may link back! Be sure to follow the rules!

Last Clean on March 10th, 2013

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No New Posts Second Go Around

If you are linking back to one of our ads, then please post here! If you do not post here, then you will get another advertisement!

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No New Posts Affiliating

If you wish to affiliate with Aeon, then please post here! We require that our banner be up first before you apply. Once we see our banner is up, we will put yours up ASAP!




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Clan Territories

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No New Posts Gascti Rainforest

The Gascti clansmen and chief reside in this remote territory. Primarily rainforest, it sits opposite of the Volcano's known lava flow, in a safe high-ground area in the northern regions. Various small creeks flow through the terrain, supplying the clan with fresh water from the natural springs littered in the rainforests. It is only a few miles off a piece of the Aeon shore, where the Gascti claim they govern.

Chief: Hist

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No New Posts Thalmic Prairie

Last to develop, therefore last to chose, the Thalmic clan chose the valley on the north-eastern side of the island. It is scarcely sprinkled with trees, however, abundant in freshwater. They have a large expanse of shore on the east, and from their low territory they can watch the hills for intruders and predators. Though others call their open terrain a curse, the Thalmic clan take pride in their land no matter the thoughts of others.

Chief: Aristotle

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No New Posts Selisona Peninsula

Mainly beach and prairie, the Selisona take up a peninsula that branches off the north-northwest side of the island. Largely prairie foliage and vastly beach, they have a secluded lifestyle on their small patch of terra, and appreciate the central location where they may keep themselves in working order, and with the safest territory predator-wise they achieve it. They must be careful for bad sea weather, however. For their home may be under several inches of water.

Chief: Grimoire Heart

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No New Posts Loxacin Couloir

The Loxain herd pride themselves in their strength, and therefore house their clan southeast of the volcano. A small patch of rainforest, valley, and volcanic rock ladden prairies are their home. They have a small lake closer to the volcano than most appreciate, but their casualties from the dangers are extremely low. With the vast differences in terra, they feel as if they have the best of all territories, for they have a little of everything.

Chief: Beautiful Disaster

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Northern Aeon

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No New Posts Outlaying Summit

At the furthest north your hooves can carry you is the territory of the Outlaying Summit. By far the most beautiful and fertile soil in all of Aeon, the mount climbs into the iridescent arches that cross over the island in its entirety, plumes of the crystals growing near the mount's snow capped peaks. No one has dared venture into the region covered by the white mists, where the ethereal power is so strong its physically hard to move.

Influence: Gascti

Sub-board: The Top of the World

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No New Posts Winsome Grove

The largest mass of rainforest on Aeon, the foliage here is think with littered clearings and small fresh water springs. Some of the hilly elevations on Aeon have leaked into this naturally tropical forest, making it an interesting place to meet, greet, and play.

Influence: Gascti

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No New Posts Jumper Bluffs - 1 Viewing

This long stretch of coastline with the only high elevations in all of the Northern lands. It received its name from those brave enough to jump off the edge, fall several hundred feet, before somehow saving their lives by any means necessary. The bluffs are rather vacant of trees after the border of Winsome Grove, making the terrain a rocky prairie.

Influence: Gascti

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No New Posts Burgeon Coast

The coastline for the North is a vast and large expanse. Open, sandy, and always frequented, its a place where you can enjoy the coolness of the ocean water, as well as race along the white beaches. This coastline is littered with various palms and beach grass as well as some small dunes. Its a picture perfect beach, one a company would use to lure customers into a wonderful getaway.

Influence: None

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Central Aeon

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No New Posts The Rift

In the center of Aeon is the ethereal spire that sapped you into this strange world. It pulses down from the sky in an continuous iridescent glow, bringing in new comers to Aeon at random occasions.The tendrils of the light leech into the ground below it much like roots of a tree, connecting the ethereal powers of Aeon itself to the mysterious Rift.

Influence: Selisona

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No New Posts Iridescent Shallows

Surrounding the Rift is a shallow ring of water about a mile off its borders. The waters are wide, perhaps a quarter a mile itself, with sandy shoals on their side. Crystals of various shimmering colors break through these shallows and arch over the heads of those who drink here. When approached, one can feel the same Ethereal power the Rift pulses with.

Influence: Selisona

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No New Posts Lush Steppe

Having journeyed through the Rift and Shallows, one now enters the final ring of Aeon's center: a vast grassland that breaches the surrounding territories borders. From here, you can see the glowing, divine Outlaying Summit and the dark, forsaken Advent Dropoff. Every location in Aeon can be viewed for this location. Enjoy a good prairie of grass and watch the magical world around you evolve.

Influence: None

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No New Posts Perilous Bog

Whether passing into or out of the Rift's ethereal home, you must pass through the area where the Lush Steppe and Winsome Grove. This area is plagued with predators of all sorts seeking those weakened by their trip through the Rift. Can you make it through safely?

Influence: Gascti

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Southern Aeon

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No New Posts Tanglevine Swamp

The wettest region of Aeon has grown quite repulsive and avoided over the ages. The dangerous Tanglevine overwhelm the area, making it only a place for the brave and strong. The air is thick with the humidity, almost more so than the Winsome Grove. Though not entirely dangerous, there are various herbs that grow in this area solely, making it a hot spot for those seeking medicines.

Influence: None

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No New Posts Feldspar Coulee

Believed to be the start of a ravine jutting from the southern Advent Dropoff to the foothills of the Volcano, Feldspar Coulee is a dip in Aeon's surface. Due to the lower elevations, layers of molten rock fill the slowly descending valley. However, it makes for a wide open space that splits off of Lush Steppe. This is another popular spot for the Southern equines, therefore always filled with interesting events.

Influence: Selisona

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No New Posts The Volcano

The highest point of the small collection of mountain range, the Volcano houses many of Aeon's deadliest predators - this, however, does not keep the prey from coming to these parts. The volcano-side is littered with beautiful red and orange flowers with bright yellow centers. Many creatures desire these flowers for many things, including trials, medicine, and even proposal objects. Yet, you can only get them if you make it through the dragons.

Influence: Thalmic

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No New Posts Advent Dropoff

On the opposite side of the Volcano, where the lands are dead and dust, there is a strange expanse... Magic is unusable here, and the air seems as lifeless as the landscape. Square pillars jut from the ground, metal and rock, until you come to a sheer drop into blackness.

Influence: None

Sub-board: At World's End

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No New Posts Babylonian Streets

What isn't there to see? Shops of all kinds, places to dine, even small spots to sit and enjoy the beautiful naturalistic landscape. Babylon seems built into the very rocks and soil of Aeon's own mountain range. Natural streams, now encased in marble and stone, flow alongside the streets gently, and each building seems to harness some sort of physical element to aid Aeon's being. From large ornate bird coops, to rest stops built around natural crystal fabrications, there is nothing that pales Babylon's beauty.

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No New Posts Eon Gardens

Of course, since the city in itself seems only to add to Aeon's prowess, a large portion of the central part of the city is dedicated simply to stunning gardens. Flowers from all around the world gather here in beautiful coordination and presentation. Marble walk ways lace the hillside, with arched coverings dotting the troughs. Surely, this would be the best spot for a romantic outing.

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No New Posts Gladiators' Arena

A sacred place, this arena used to be a popular recreational spot for those beyond the powers of mortals. The Gods pit creation against creation in the sandstone walls, the winner receiving a high price. Now, it lays dormant besides several minotaur that lurk in its archways. Find them, and they will allow you passage into the fields for battle.

Sub-board: Familiar Battlegrounds

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No New Posts The High Temple

Constructed from rock of the Aeonian mountain range and fitted with marble and gold accents, this temple has been dormant since the Gods' left Aeon. Rarely is light in its windows, and rarer still is anyone ever found in the hallways. One should take a friend while venturing, for surely it is easy to become lost in the winding staircases, elaborate chambers, and maze-like halls. If you're lucky, maybe you'll find the elusive library hidden inside…

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